NJ AntiWar Caravan Proposal – No /Nyet!

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It is bizarre and frightening how quickly and smoothly the USA moves from promoting warfare from one frontier to the next – especially now that USA is actually pushing full steam ahead toward a direct confrontation with Russia – over specious accusations and vague intelligence reports that name no source and no details but are dutifully stenographed frequenlty and with greater bombast each time – it does look like this threat of war is real

It is really a “Don’t Look Up” reaction to pretend that this is not a real existential threat that could lead to thermonuclear confrontation.

it is utmost importance for people of all walks of life across the USA to sound the alarm and communicate a loud “NO/ NYET!” toward this escalation toward war!

This proposal is for an emergency car caravan between the offices of US Senator Cory Booker and Robert Menendez at One Gateway, Newark, NJ, to US Congress Representatives Malinowski and Sherill who are embarking on a trip to the Ukraine to promote President Biden’s war agenda.

If you are interested in participating – and / or – you or your organization agrees to publicly endorse this proposal – please use the form below to respond.

With the storms coming through we will definitely have to work around the weather – the timeframe possibly sometime at the start of February.  We can hammer out the date once we get some agreement to move forward.  You can also text 908-881-5275 to express your interest.

Proposed Action Plan

The following are some suggested steps:

Initial Launch Discussions  Discussions can be in person and via zoom, etc.

Draft Statement of unity against US war and preparation for war including provision of weapons and troops to the Ukraine,

Mobilization at car caravan and rallies at US Senator and Represenatives offices opposing US war on Russia.

Issue Responses to events as they occur and escalate.

Create Network of organizations and individuals dedicated to joining this fight.

Staff with volunteers and ideally stipended staff to continue forward opposition to war.

Potential Organizational and Individual Resources

Approach and engage the organizations which have participated in the monthly rallies in Newark that occurred throughout 2021 against war.


Critical to the success of this effort will be staffing a fully supported effort .  While we can likely sustain an initial action without a significant budget – to continue forward we might want to consider some sort of fundraising efforts to sustain expenses for one or more staff to coordinate moving the effort forward.

The following is a list of individuals and organizations supporting this effort:

Lisa Davis, Vice President, Black is Back Coalition *
Nathan Fishman
Sara Flounders 
Green Party of NJ
Bob Witanek #NJAntiWarAgenda 

(Organizations for Identification Purposes *)

Stay tuned for more additions!

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