Cannabis: Condemn Murphy / Grewal “Desist” Letters

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We hereby condemn the “Desist Letters” from the Governor Murphy Administration being sent to Cannabis “gifting” retailers. We see this as potentially the opening salvo of a crackdown – that could lead to an all out war upon those trading cannabis outside the exclusive legal framework set up by the Murphy Administration to benefit Canada, Wall Street and other outside of NJ investors instead of the farmers and workers of NJ.

We believe the best benefit for NJ is for NJ workers and farmers to engage in cultivation and trade outside the monopoly system – this is the only way to keep cannabis product affordable, high quality and safe.

This is what we voted 2:1 for true legalization – not for continued weed chasing by police – except now as a tax payer funded free hitter service to the billionaires that NJ is attempting to insert as cannabis cartel bosses over NJ.


NJ’s cannabis revenue stimulus – must be controlled by NJ workers and farmers – not multinational industrialists trying to corner the world market including the Canada Cannabis Corporate Cartel. We are united against a new war on NJ’s cannabis use and trade carried out by tax funded police as a means to impose the exploitation of NJ’s resources – instead of to develop NJ’s cannabis resrources in the interests of NJ workers and farmers. and consumers.

NJ workers and farmers control the means of production of cannabis, the air, water, dirt and sun.  The fraudulent framework that the Murphy Administration has put in place attempts to take this control from our hands and place it in the clutches of predatory investors and cannabis industrialists.  We will resist and fight to keep the NJ cannabis revenue stimulus for the workers and farmers of NJ!


Chris Almada, Dover, NJ
Barry D. Bendar, Lacey Township, NJ
Ty Bennett
Gary Bozzini
John Brilinski Jr.
Evan Camano
Idreaner V Causby
Craig Cayetano, Hawthorne NJ, Candidate for Council
Patrick Duff, Haddon Heights, NJ
James H. Graf, Perth  Amboy, NJ
Madelyn Hoffman, Candidate for NJ Governor
Jennifer Kaden
Daniel Kessel, Toms River, NJ
John Lassiter
Jim Miller
Chris Moeller
Jessica Pendleton
Dana Pieretti
Alfredo Santos
Jason Steinberg, Short Hills, NJ
Heather Warburton, Candidate for NJ Lt. Governor
Bob Witanek, Belle Mead NJ
Brian Woolsey

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