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Banner Template - Add Your Slogan / Organization

Need help with banner design / printing? Text 908-881-5275 to get started

Having your own banner locally makes it easier for you to do outreach – be it large local support rally or outreach / soapbozing on a corner, doing outreach at related events, setting up outreach tables – or however you plan to build for the May 18 event locally – and for other Haiti events afterwards.  ALso having a banner signed by your local organization can make yourself known as an organization or as geographical representation at larger events.

The good news is if you like the design we created in NJ – see banner pictures – we can help you quickly get your own banner together.

You can either take the template above and modify it yourself with your own demands and slogans or text 908-881-5275 if you would like some help getting the slogans / demands and your organizational representaiton onto the banner.

You can then seek a local shop that handles banner printing or have delivery service – they can usually get it done within a day or two.

Costs for an 8 foot banner probably ranges from $90 – $150.

At the risk of stating the obvious – the template design features the fist in Haitian colors holding up the scroll representing the Haitian constitution that Moise is destroying with international support.  The Haitian hand holds up the Constitution be demanding WE VOTE NOW!

Course you can design the banner any way you want – with the slogans that best represent your position.  Since we generated this design we just wanted to share it in case it can help you produce your banners quicker per your own specs.

If you want some donated help with banner design – text 908-881-5275.

Wednesday, May 12, 5:30pm One Gateway, Newark NJ Local Haiti Support Rally Organize One in Your Area Too!

Contact Bob Witanek 908-881-5275

May 12 will be the fight monthly protest in 2021 by a collective of organizers and individuals in NJ that oppose US intervention and support democracy efforts in places subject to overreaching US and multinational corporate capital power.

The most recent one featured strong participation from Haitian communities from NJ and New York City.  At that event – it was decided to return on Wednesdaym May 15, 5:30 pm, One Gateway Plaza, Newark NJ.

Once again, support for the struggle of the Haitian people fighting to bring democracy that is currently being destroyed through US support of self imposed dictator Jovenal Moise.  We are reaching out to representatives of other national struggles to also participate including Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Bolivia, Puerto Rico to offer their own solidarity voice and messages.

To participate and ./ or to represent at this event, call or text 908-881-5275.

Model for Haitian Promotion of May 18 DC Event

The May 12 protest in Newark, NJ will be a stepping stone to the Haitian led May 18 national mobilization in Washington DC.  Information and opportunity to make arrangements to participate and gain transit to the national event 

You mifght consider a similar approach in your own organizing cities and, areas and regions  to publicize your organizing effort for the national event. Such feeder rallies and possibly marches gives an opportunity to participate locally for some who might not be able to get to DC but can help publicize the May 18 Washington DC event by helping to amplify the message at the local level.  Such actions during the two weeks lead up time (however with at least a few days gap before May 18)  can be used to publicize the events in local media including transportation arrangements.  Securing transportation plans can be one of the features at the feeder rallies – with clip boarding or information tables set up to recruit for May 18 and arrange the participation be it mass transportation, car pooling or some local organized method.

According to Jean Astrel, a member of Voices of Haitians Living Abroad, “It is very important for our Haitian community, and all those who believe in democracy to participate in this important protest to make sure our democracy as per the 1987 Haitian Constitution is respected. We will not return to the “president for life” days of the Duvalier era!”


You can use this design and pop in your own text and contact information to make it easier to organize local protests and rallies for Ecuador with a nice visible banner.

Leveraging the full potential of this event toward the effort to support democracy in Haiti and elsewhere.

Flier can be printed from this  link (to be activated shortly).

Through a concerted effort between now and May 12 – we should be able to draw 100 people.

We need to do a strong effort to reach out to Haitian community in NJ and NYC to get a strong turn out.  We should also reach out to those connected to other national struggles in NJ area and to all groups to make a show of force.   

Hopefully we can get strong organizational and individual commitment to do the extra organizing work.   Effort should be made to have the event announced from blog and organizational sites as well as to be frequently shared.  Of course remember the personal approach – old school – is often the most effective way to engage greater participation.

You can share this link with all of the associated action information as follows:

To share the video PSA for this event:
(link will be provided once read).

A list in formation of events that are in support of the Haitian struggle:

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