April 2 (Fri) Zoom Panel Hosted by DSA International Committee #World4DemocracyinEcuador

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DSA International Committee Joins Call to Action for Democracy in Ecuador

DSA International Committee join and signed onto the #World4DemocracyinEcuador Call to Action.  This effort encourages organizations and individuals throughout the US and world to join, organize and support actions demanding that the US and the OAS NOT interfere with the electoral process in Ecuador.  As a true show of the DSA International Committee’s commitment to #Democracy4Ecuador, the Committee has organized this profoundly important discussion just a little over one week before the April 11 election date.  

DSA International COmmittee is the first function of any party that has signed on to this statement.  Hopefully this important action can encourage other committees and chapters within DSA and in other formations around the US and world to likewise endorse on to this statement and to organize additional activities as part of this effort.

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DSA International Committee Presents:

Runoff Election in Ecuador: The Fight for Democracy

Friday, April 2nd at 7 pm ET/6 pm CT/5 pm MT/4 pm PT

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Ecuador faces a crucial runoff election on April 11 as the country struggles to free itself from capitalist imposed austerity, economic recession, and pandemic. Socialist candidate Andres Arauz leads a progressive alliance and has an excellent chance to be elected President against right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso. There are efforts by the establishment to eliminate Arauz from the runoff or even cancel the election. Progressive International has warned of threats to democracy in Ecuador. What is U.S. imperialism doing behind the scenes? Hear from members of the Ecuador’s Union for Hope (UNES) alliance and an election observer from the Progressive International.


Monica Palacios (National Assembly Representative, Unión por la Esperanza – Union for Hope),
Ramón Mendes Rivas (Acción Revolución Collective Unión por la Esperanza – Union for Hope),
Matt Kirkegaard, (Progressive International Election Observer Delegation and DSA member).
Moderated by Vanessa Agudelo (Peekskill, NY City Council, Lower Hudson DSA member).

Co-sponsors: Alliance for Global Justice, Chicago ALBA Solidarity, Mid-Hudson Valley DSA Chapter

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Leveraging the full potential of this event toward the effort to support democracy in Ecuador

Should this event be well attended, just within structures of DSA it is entirely possible that well over 1000 around the US and world can be participants raising the potential importance of this internationally significant action to historic proportions.

Hopefully the communication networks within DSA and among solidarity supporting forces outside of DSA are utilized to maximize participation.  The organizing effort around building this potential out can likely result in more groups, chapters, committees within and outside of DSA to engage in support efforts for Ecuador.

Hopefully an organizing drive can commence around this on-line event toward this maximal potential.  Effort should be made to have the event announced from blog and organizational sites as well as to be frequently shared.  Of course remember the personal approach – old school – is often the most effective way to engage greater participation.

You can share this link with all of the associated action information as follows:

To share with just the zoom information: 

A list in formation of events that are part of this action call

PSA: Organizing Protests in Support of Ecuador / Banner Making Support

We can help you get your own banner designed and to the shop. Once you have a banner printed – you will HAVE TO organize some protests to make the demands of US government to keep HANDS OFF ECUADOR!
For banner help, text 908-881-5275 ASAP!

Join the fightback – Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue:

You can use this design and pop in your own text and contact information to make it easier to organize local protests and rallies for Ecuador with a nice visible banner.

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