#World4DemocracyinEcuador Strategizing

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On February 28 over 60 supporters of democracy in Ecuador met via zoom to launch an international effort toward support of the Ecuadorian people so that the democratic process can proceed without foreign interference.  Please commit to supporting this effort – and if you have a plan of an event – even a tentative one – Click the button to confirm your support and provide your planning details and to add your and / or your affiliation name to this coalition statement and effort.

A list in formation of events that are part of this action is available at this link

(Separate page to be added.  For now see the preliminary list followed by some links to the event information below.)

The World for Democracy in Ecuador Strategy

In the first week of this effort there have already been many successes of the “Forty For Ecuador” effort which calls for 40 days of action from March 4 through April 12 in support of democracy in Ecuador and to oppose any meddling by the USA, Canada, OAS or other outsiders that have no business in trying to undermine Ecuador’s democratic process.

We have participated in international zoom panels with solidarity activists in the UK and Canada, a demonstration in Newark at which 3 speakers addressed the issues surrounding Ecuador and Monica Palacios has led a tour with Perrina Correa speaking in NYC, Vermont and Minneapolis.

In order to continue to move this effort forward, a strategy session has come up with the following suggested steps:
A. We should have a zoom call inviting original participants within the next couple of days.
B. We need a concerted push of the statement to get individuals and groups to sign on but also to commit to additional actions like issuing their own statements of support on their own organizational outlets and organizing their own podcasts, conferences and public rallies and protests opposing US / OAS meddling.
C. Groups should print their own banners and plan events where they will hold the banners at protests that are occurring and to organize additional such events.  We have a banner design template that we can help add the slogans and send to a banner print shop near you.  Pictures and videos should be captured including people speaking to the issues of Ecuador.
D. We need some reporting coverage on this effort in news outlets, blog sites, etc.  We need to get the statement to them – we should immediately reach out to:
Gray Zone
Popular Resistance
E. Anti Conquista media group is already part of this effort.  We need to reach out to its constituency to see if there is capacity to cover this effort in their outlets.
F. We should work to connect Citizen Revolution groups around the USA to other potential solidarity and support groups so that collaborative efforts can occur to plan local events.
G. We should connect to Latin American movements and offer support to encourage them to publicly support Ecuador – letting the world know that there is multinational unity against US / OAS / Canada meddling in Ecuador (and elsewhere).

List in formation of organizations and individuals committed to the efforts of The World For Democracy in Ecuador Coalition

Madelyn Hoffman
Monica Palacios
Stansfield Smith
Bob Witanek

Chicago Alba Solidarity
Green Party of NJ

PSA: March 10 NJ protest - opposing US interference in Ecuador.

You can use this design and pop in your own text and contact information to make it easier to organize local protests and rallies for Ecuador with a nice visible banner.

Join the fightback – Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue:

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