Antiwar: Invitation to Groups / Individuals to Participate in NJ Monthly Antiwar Protests

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Please watch the video invitation to participate in and support the monthly protests that we are organizing outside the offices of NJ representatives to the US Senate Booker and Mendendez at One Gateway – across the street from the Penn Station in Newark NJ.  The next event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10, 5:30 pm.

So far these events are being coordinated by Black is Back Coalition, Young Eco Socialists, Green Party of NJ and #NJAntiWarAgenda.

We are looking to broaden to a wider range of participants and antiwar messages – we need your involvement to make that happen.

We offer two ways to endorse and participate – either for a single event or for the whole series of events.  We encourage each participant organization to make sure to have at least one person to represent at each event – and there is opportunity to speak.  We also invite you to bring your concerns, literature, banners and signs.  Please communicate to us in advance if you have particular interest in addressing a particular anti war agenda item (which includes the US war at home on its own people of course) so that we can plan the logistics accordingly.

Of course we encourage participant groups to mobilize as many participants as per your affiliation capacity but we greatly appreciate that you can commit to at least one if your group is a co-sponsor.  We also encourage that you include announcement and encouragement of your groups participation in your communique and meetings in whatever capacity you normally communicate.  Efforts to forward our information about the event series, including this invitation link and the embedded video invitation is advantageous.

We communicate through regular conference calls and other communications in between events.

We usually have a sound permit and have been able to amplify at the two events so far.

The next event is March 10, and we invite you and your affiliations to add your co-sponsorship by pledging to participate.  Please call or text 908-881-5275 or use the button below to send in your information.

Please address your confirmation urgently so we can better plan the event and include you in any calls and decision making between now and the next event.

Updated: March 2, 2021

Party for Socialism and Liberation commits to support this activity on a monthly basisi!

“So I think PSL will have a contingent out there every month  , , , Just met and discussed it, people are excited to be out in the street”


Hello ____________,
Please see letter at this link and please watch invitation video.
Please consider on behalf of your organization ___________ the invitation to co-sponsor and participate.
If you can forward this information to your decision making committee or otherwise advise how to properly approach for your organizations participation, please advise.
I look forward to hearing back and future continued collaborative opportunities with you and your organization.
Thank you!
Bob Witanek

Organizations Invited:
American Labor Party
Jobs and Equal Rights for All
New Afrikan Black Panther Party
NJ Peace Action 
Peoples Organization for Progress

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