Ecuador: Monica Palacios Joins #Forty4Ecuador Call to Action- Zoom Call Sunday, 2/28 7pm EST

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Responding to the #Forty4Ecuador proposal posted at FightBackBetter , Monica Palacios has committed to support and help organize this effort.  The plan is to coordinate a series of events around the US and worldwide  starting on March 4th (March Forth for Democracy in Ecuador!) and going through April 12, the day after the run off presidential election on April 11.  The plan is to encourage activities throughout the 40 days to support the people of Ecuador and oppose US and its allies attempts to undermine the democratic and constitutional process.

Responding to an invitation to engage the effort, Monica Palacios states, “I really appreciate it all the time and effort that you are giving to maintain the rule of law and democracy in Ecuador. I am willing to work with you in whatever you need me to do.”

Fight Back Better conducted a brief interview with Compa Palacios:

Do you have any affiliations that can help organize an event?

Yes, I have a group of 100 militants in New York and around 400 around the country that are faithful believers of democracy and work with La Revolución Ciudadana.

Do you have any affiliations that can help spread the word about the initiative:?

February 7 I won the election for a seat in the Ecuadorian Senate representing the Ecuadorian community in EEUU-CANADA

Do you have any identification as member or representative (officer, whatever) of an affiliation that can endorse the call?

I am the leader of the political party Centro Democrático Lista 1 in EEUU-CANADA and popular elected representative as a Senator for the Ecuadorian Government

Can we add your name – and / or name of any affiliation to the call?

Yes please

How much capacity do you have to help make this happen?

Let’s have a meeting, then we can decide the strategy and I can tell you what can we do but I am looking forward to do the best we can

What ideas do you have for possible actions and for any that you can help motivate?

Rallys, protest, social media etc.  I think that we need to put pressure from around the country that will be important and call another brother countries to work with us like Bolivia and Argentina 

Zoom Call Details

Use this link 7pm EST, Sunday, February 28.

Please provide e-mail, other details using the “Express Support and Interst” button.

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