Syria: Biden Already Lets Bombs Fly! -March 10 NJ Protest 5:30 One Gateway, Newark NJ (Sens. Booker and Menendez Office)

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NBC is reporting that Biden is dropping bombs on facilities in Syria.

During the campaign, Joe Biden assured his base that nothing would change fundamentally if he won the election. This is one campaign promise he is determined to uphold. On February 25th, Biden authorized the U.S. bombing of Syria. This continues a practice begun when he was vice-president under Obama, then continued under Donald Trump, and now just over one month in office, Biden continues this imperialist war of regime change — target Assad. 

The ultimate prize for the U.S. is Iran — so the U.S. claims self-defense against Iran as a pretext for the continued illegal bombing of Syria. This takes place after Syria has spent the last 10 years at war, fighting off efforts of the U.S. and its proxies to accomplish regime change. Syria had both reclaimed those cities that had been taken over by these outside military forces and protected its sovereignty despite constant attempts at regime change and the unilateral imposition of extreme sanctions by the U.S. When will the U.S. learn that regime change wars are illegal and allow the country of Syria to rebuild and determine the direction of its government.

This attack barely into the 2nd month of Biden’s term – only further demonstrates the need for us to find our antiwar agenda and organize protest activities of every kind – to end US warfare in Syria, to stop the bombing and withdraw US troops.

All are encouraged to revive the traditions of constant street opposition to  war – in NJ you can join the next monthly protest Wednesday, March 10, 5:30 pm, outside the offices of US Senators Menendez and Booker, 1 Gateway, (Penn Train Station), Newark NJ

Statement by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) on the US attack on Syria


UNAC condemns the US bombing of Syria authorized by President Biden.  The Biden administration has been in office for only 36 days and has already launched its first military attack against Syria.  Biden’s justification is that the US was attacked in Iraq.  The US has no right to be in Iraq, Syria or any other country.  More than 1 million people were killed in Iraq due to the US invasion and occupation, and countless refugees were created.  The Iraqis and the Syrians have every right to use whatever means necessary to remove the US forces from their countries.

Trump was the most truthful about US intentions in these two countries. He said the US wants the oil and he went on to steal the oil rich area of Syria and occupy it with US forces.  Syria badly needs the revenue from its oil to rebuild the country devastated by the US sponsored war.  That war included US, Israeli and NATO bombing raids, harsh US imposed sanctions and a private mercenary force of over 100,000 – financed by the US and its allies – that entered Syria to attempt to overthrow the government.

UNAC calls for groups to protest the US aggression. We demand:

End the bombing of Syria!

End the sanctions!

Bring all troops and mercenaries home now!

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