Communications Future Build Out for FightBackBetter Proposal

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Please read and please confirm to note at end.
Here is what we need to do and is part of the plan of FightBackBetter – – we need to address this not as a social network issue alone – but as a communication issue.
We need a central means of communication that can reach people by their areas of most interest especially while giving them access to information on other issues. So far FightBackBetter is establishing the latter – a system of issues connected to supportive links, organizations, and actions.
So if you want to be pro-active and get involved with a particular issue – in theory – you can go to this one place and find the information, the groups and the actions.
But the system of communications – we need to collect everyone’s means of contacts – all means that people actually use. If you never go to your MeWe account – then that one does not need to be in their for example.
Everyone should provide phone and e-mail and the link of any and all social network sites they actually check – at least once in a while.
Also – – we need the top ways that you respond to. For most people that is likely text. But others iot could be e-mail or some other means. Eventually it would know who can not see so needs an audio contact, who can not hear and needs a vid contact etc.
So the system needs to respond when one of the issues collaborative teams determines an emergency action call – depending upon how much emphasis (you don’t put everything full blast or people will take your full blast as not so much) – the system will determine the means of getting that information – with the level of volume set by the senders – to the most likely communication methods of those set up to monitor into that issue – depending upon the volume the recipient sets to receive on that issue.
You can set your dial for example on Venezuela – semi-weekly, and 2nd level alerts. So on and so forth. You would be able to fine tune on particular groups, publications, issues, etc.
So as messages get generated through the collaborative teams around the issues – – they notify the opt-ins based on the level they want to tune in on that issue.
It can also mind people’s availability too – when looking for volunteers or stipended support – it will concentrate the outreach of Wednesday night events to the people who set their profile up to say that is the best night for them to participate.
When your collaborative team set up your communique – facilities will assist you in developing a common message into multiple formats, text, e-mail, facebook messenger, twitter, Insta – wherever you have a listening spot that is functioning.
So the system will set up based on the preferences everyone sets the best way to communicate to the most avid lnterested and likely to act on each issue.
Some can say – I am interested in all issues – and they will be able to turn everything up full blast. But they will be inundated and ineffective.
The communications will not be based on algorhythms but based on the designed paths based on the needs of struggle – based on the requirements for the system that we draft.
We won’t be squatting on some corporate platform but will build our own means – now they can eventually shut down phones on people and our e-mail and other means – – but they will also be interfering with their own communications and marketing when they do.
This is all do-able – I have in my head the idea as to how to do it – it needs to be spelled out and we need a team of developers to make it happen.
Fightbackbetter is the first step toward this sort of system – I will be putting up the input forms for people to begin to set their profiles – of course all of the paths will need to be developed – the facilities that craft the messages etc.
This will not immediately recover from the tremendous hit on our communications right now – but it is a way to respond that develops our own means without waiting for some generous entrepreneuer to come along and say they want to re-establish our means – only to snatch it away later at some point.
Who wants to fight back better – who is in?
Everyone that commented – I hope you all agree to allow me to include your comments (maybe a screen shot) in the above content that will appear as a proposal on FightBackBetter .

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