EcuadorSupport Feb 28 Zoom Call Proposed Action Steps

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Zoom Call Details

Use this link 7pm EST, Sunday, February 28.

Proposal and Action Items

With support of a broad leftist coalition Andrés Arauz has easily won the first round of the Sunday February 7 presidential elections – but since he was short of 40% he will face neo-liberal US backed Guillermo Lasso in the run off elections on April 11.

Between now and April 11, Ecuador will be vulnerable to a USA / CIA backed effort to attempt to influence the results of the run off and to make preparations to launch destabilization should Arauz prevail.

This proposal is for a unified call for 40 days of solidarity with the nation and people of Ecuador – starting on aptly named March “Forth” through April 12 – with the goal of organizing across the US and around the world at least one event per day during those 40 days.  (April 12 is actually the 41’st. day but we need to be ready to celebrate Arauz’s victory but also to show unified opposition to the likely steps of US to further undermine his victory and path to power.)

Some initial steps:

1. Form a Committee to facilitate this work?  Name?  Comite Ecuador?  Comite Por La Democracia En Ecuador?  Other names?
2. Draft a statement?
3. Establish a speakers list of expertise that can be offered to join in on on-line panels and gatherings and a means to coordiante their participation.
4. Develop list of other events being organized and a plan to reach out to the organizers to determine if Ecuador concern can be added to their events and their events included in the list of “40” events for Ecuador.  Reach out to Haiti support efforts for possible coordinated events.
5. Develop a logo that represents the Ecuador struggle for use on banner and in branding our activities.
6. Organize a March 4th kick off on line panel discussion.
7. Pick one or more days for protest at Ecuador consulate in NYC.
8. Each participant committee should assess their own capacity and calendars for creation of support activities.
9. Engage participant committees and organizations to publicize the efforts on their own sites, pages and promotional postings.
10. We can continue to collect the complete list of activities at FightBackBetter and link back to all of the groups and engaged events.

Participating Organizations and Scheduled Actions:
#NJAntiWarAgenda March 10, Newark NJ
Monica Palacios 
No Sanctions Canada       March 5 Webinar

More information on this topic at the following links:

Join the fightback – Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue:

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