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Just as easy as dropping a link into Facebook.  If you believe something you are sharing somewhere – on Facebook or wherever – might be relevant to FightBactBetter – just drop it to us!

Leave this link open when you do your networking.

The focus right now is on:
Issues we need to confront Biden about.
Political Prisoners
Biden Cabinet / Appointments
Biden Background
Harris Background

Other directions for growth are being added constantly.

You can provide lists of links, comma / space separated

Leave this link open in one of your tabs and as you come across links that you believe are useful to the purpose of FightBackBetter, drop them into the form below.  You can send multiple times or gather to end of session and then send – whatever is easy.  Eventually we will provide a facility where you can trigger our picking up your links just by dropping a code when you post (for opt in participants) but for now – just drop them – and they will be utilized to build the site out IN ALL DIRECTIONS!


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