Latin America and Caribbean: Many Fronts of One Over All Struggle

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Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, indigenous and workers struggles challenge US hegemony and exploitation of land and resources for foreign international corporate capital.

In many nations, people have succeeded through struggle and electorally in improving the lot of the people over foreign influence and interests.

Places where this has or is occurring are faced with many obstacles deployed by US to undermine the people and dominate the decision making.

As the attacks and threats from the US sharpen from one nation to the next – we in the USA must develop committees and coalitions to support each struggle and over all to unite with all forces of Latin America and the Caribbean that are in struggle versus US domination.

We will continue to build out these pages and use this resource to connect to the information, organizations and actions regarding each of these struggles as well as over all struggle in solidarity with all of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Please become part of this process.

Please check out the sketch of each of the nations represented here – please provide additional links and assist in fine tuning the narrative for solidarity work in support of each of these nations and peoples.

More information on this topic at the following links:

Join the fightback – Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue:

Join in action(s) to support struggles on this issue!


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