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Brief Statement of Primary Purpose

To assist communities and movements in the development of positions opposing war as completely and thoroughly as possible and to work collaboratively to develop effective action in pursuit of those positions.

Brifef narrative Describing Orgnization

#NJAntiWarAgenda is not an organization per se but a tendency.  The goal is to encourage organizations and individuals to take these steps:
1. Determine that you and / or your affiliations have an antiwar agenda.
2. Begin the process of determining what exactly IS your antiwar agenda around each circumstance as it arises.
3. Determine what actions you and your affiliations need to take based upon that antiwar agenda.
4. Develop and follow through on a plan to execute effectively toward carrying out those activities as collaboratively as possible with others whose antiwar agenda coincides with yours.
5. Individual actions are important but collaboration with other individuals and groups is critical for each of these steps

Contact Info:

Bob Witanek 908-881-5275 bwitanek@igc.org 

Primary Website

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