Tanden: Will She Serve as Biden’s Social Security Hatchet?

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In 2012, as then Vice President Joe Biden was pushing Social Security cuts, his efforts were boosted by Neera Tanden, president of the centrist and neoliberal organization Center for American Progress.  At that time she bolstered Biden’s push by touting a proposal by her CAP to use “Chained CPI” to determine Social Security levels – that means tying social security adjustments to the consumer price index.  That was a plan that Obama was pushing at the time.

There is concern now that Biden, with a 4 decades history of backing social security cuts is bringing Tanden in as the hatchet to make it so.

This would e consistent with many ofher expected austerity promoting measures from this administration.

Certainly organizing an across the board movement challenging policies of war and austerity needs to include the demand of no cuts to social secuity which is barely tattered safety net in a nation that does not provide guarantee of elder care.

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