Guatemala: Solidarity w/ Indigenous, Defend Land and Resources, Opposition to US Imposed Neoliberal Model

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According to Guatemalan journalist Hugo Orozco, Guatemala is in a state of political crisis:

The killing of indigenous leaders that protect their communities and natural resources is in crescendo with the criminalization sponsored by the foreign and national companies that make profits with the extractivism activity. This is done with the complicity of an illegitimate government plagued with rampant structural corruption, this criminal policy is backed by the USA which is responsible for the establishment of the mafias in power since the intervention in 1954.

The current puppet Giammattei elected by fraud is breaking  all the institutions and little constitutional order left by his predecessor Jimmy Morales, pushing the country into a deeper abyss. Guatemala today is totally impoverished by the neoliberal model imposed by the USA and the transnational companies.

We stand in solidarity with the indigenous communities and movements that are fighting to defend their land and natural resources. From 2020 until today February 2021 more than 25 community leaders have been assassinated by the government and national and international companies with total impunity.”

According to the organization Guatemala Human Rights, “more human rights defenders were killed in Guatemala in 2020 than in the last 2 decades.”  (Link to be added)

Like all of Latin America – USA consistently supports right wing and often fascist and always militarist political forces.  It sends armaments and provides police and military regimes which oppose the demands of the people for land and resources development to benefit the peoples of each nation..

This is also true for Guatemala – from the 80s when USA under Reagan backed genocidal slaughter by death squad regimes to today when it is always supporting whichever forces are open to maximum exploitation by foreign capitol.

Lets build our movement of solidarity with Guatemala and all of Latin America and act in concert as each nation struggles to rid of foreign imperialist domination.

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