China: Will Biden Recklessly Lead US into War with China?

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US-led imperialism is playing a very dangerous ‘game’ in the South China Sea. Are they looking for a way to get China to respond militarily, so as to claim that they are ‘defending’ themselves from an aggressive China? Taiwan is also a ‘hot nerve point’ where US-led imperialism could force China to militarily defend its national rights. Or to simply try to starve China’s industries, by getting Indonesia (with India and US military support) to blockade the strait of Malacca, forcing China to militarily respond.

The problem for the Biden administration is that China’s economic base is already far bigger than the US economic base – and the size of the difference is growing day-by-day. While the US has the largest military in the world, that is not how to judge who would win a war. Wars depend on economics. Who has the biggest army on the first day of a war is almost irrelevant. Which side can SUSTAIN a war will determine the winner. The US economic ‘plan’, based on outsourcing industry to lower wage economies, created a dismantled internal US productive capacity that cannot sustain a huge military conflict that lasts past the initial stage of the war. That is why the US military is so infatuated with nuclear weapons, where a short, devastating blow could decide a war with China in the US favor. Some of the ‘madmen’ of the capitalist ruling class actually believe that they can win a nuclear war!

Will the capitalists actually do this? Do not know whether they’ll do it, but they did kill many, many millions in prior wars that levelled entire countries. The sooner these capitalist vampires are overthrown, the sooner that we can end this nightmare for our entire planet.

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