Issue Pages: What makes a good Issue page

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Each issue consists of the following parts:

Title: Title for now must start with the word of the issue because the current functionality of the site presents the issues in the sequence by the title.  The title should include a succinct statement or demand around the issue.


Photo should represent a depiction of the issue, a protest around the issue with a demand on a banner, an action photo or some movement oriented representation of the issue.


Narratives should be short – 5 – 10 sentences – perhaps a little more than that but not an entire discourse on the issue.  The format should be:
First sentence summarizing the issue.
A little information about Biden’s background and current US policy.
How that is problematic.
What should happen.
What are the demands.


For now there are 3 categories of links under the issue.

1. Reference articles, videos, opinions and news reports that substantiate the narrative and provide moe background.
2. Organizations – links to organizations that have a genuine focus of work on the issue (not that they just have a position saying something is wrong but are actively organizing around it.)
3. Actions.


We do not have to have all of those pieces present to set up the issue.  We should look at issues build out as a work in progress effort.  If we can find an article to base a new issue addition – we can excerpt the article and add some text.  Also we can just even put the headline as the text of the narrative as a place holder to load the links to.  We should err on the side of getting more content in place with the understanding that we will continue to collectively scrutinize the content for improvements and additiona / changes to the supportive links.


A good issue has all of the above pieces in place, a decently written brief summary of the issue, at least one good solid organizational link, at least a few supportive articles and if there are actions at least one or a couple of action links.


The following is the link to the issues at the site. 

Review of each issue would be to critically read the narrative and suggested tightening.

To do some searches on solid sources of information to bolster the supportive references – to specific articles.  The links should be gathered.

Similarly – do a little research as to what are the solid groups working on the issue – gather those links.

And to see what actions are in motion around the issue and again – gather those links.

Also if you have an artifact – ecen one of the pieces to start a new issue – lets add more.

Ideally there should be 50 or more issues on the issues page.  We will get there!

More information on this topic at the following links:

Join the fightback – Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue:

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