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Work Group for Launch of FightBackBetter site.
Functionalirty is in place – the content needs to be beefed and we need a collaborative process to define the demadnds against ttbe Biden program of war and austerity .
Within 1 – 2 weeks – the launch will occur so the idea is to put forward the most robust possible initial launch.
Effort is needed – both volunteer and stipended for those who can dedicate a sizable number of hours.
The jobs are:
Gathering links
Site Development
Build Out Direction
What you can do immediately —
Any links with information about issues we need to confront Biden about – including analysis – for now post them in this group.
Any links to organizations that are working around these issues – especially those that recognize the problems of the Biden Administration –
Any links about actions around the issues.
This includes information critical of the cabinet appointees
We will have other categories.
If you have an issue that you think needs to be on the site – if it is already there – you can review what we have and help tighten it up and expand the linkcs.
Otherwise you can collaborate – either in lead or support role – in the gathering of the necessary links and information to write a brief narrative – 5 – 10 sentences – – with the supportive links.
Join this group only if you think you have some time to offer in the next 2 – 3 weeks.
This group will be tightly monitored and is not for discussion – it si geared strictly for this work.
The site shoul[d nto be shared yet – it is deinitely half baked.
I will be sharing some of the features of the site so you can review and gert an idea how we are building it out.

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