Repression: Act Now in Opposition to Administration Repression of Left

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Pictured above are an FBI officer and two NJ State Police officers visiting a NJ comrade active in many struggles around NJ with some twisted pretext around the right wing Trump inspired January 6 Capitol mayhem event.  Part of the event is documented in this video.

As we move forward we need to oppose repression against our efforts and our comrades in several ways:
^ We need to counter the narratives from both political parties promoting an atmosphere for increased political repression of the left.
^ Oppose actions and new repressive laws around the pretext of “counterterrorism” and opposition to “political extremism”.
^ Be aware of likely local, state and federal police operations as well as potential irregular agents of repression are working to undermine our efforts.
^ Be ready to support those who come under repressive pressures – even in cases where we might not agree with their perspectives 100% – in other words we need to get each other’s backs!
^ And along those lines we need to take effective action and demand immediate freedom for all political prisoners who are incarcerated for participation in struggle – visit Fight Back Better justice page to find out what you can do.


More information on this topic at the following links:

Join the fightback – Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue:

Join these actions to press these demands now!

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