Afghanistan: Biden has No Plans to End Endless War – But We Do!

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As those of us in the antiwar movement expected, ABC is reporting that Biden has no plans to exit from Afghanistan – the USA’s longest war – now completing it’s second full decade and unless we prevail – will enter it’s 3rd decade by the end of 2021.

Under the Obama – Biden administration some expected some improvement but instead Obama’s policy was to “surge” and then to “resurge” with escalations into Afghanistan.

Biden and Democrats in general, during the presidential campaign, were criticizing suggestions by Trump that he might end US involvement.  There were some negotiations with the Taliban and there were some commitments made to scale back US involvement.  Then in the final days of the Trump administration, Trump suggestions of possible withdrawal were met with a loud chorus of Democrat camp attack and criticism.

Now as expected, Biden is signaling that the US is there to stay and another proverbial light of the end of the tunnel of endless US war in Afghanistan has gone dim.

US endless war in Afghanistan has brought endless reports of atrocities, drone strikes upon wedding gatherings, the US sponsored torture at the Bagram prison and reports that in 2019 US killing of civilians has surpassed civilian deaths at the hands of other forces there.

We must raise the issue of Afghanistan and the demand for immediate, unconditional, total and permanent US withdrawal as we build a robust antiwar movement to challenge imperialist war making on every front!

US out of Afghanistan!

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Join the fightback – Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue:

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