Sanctions are Murder, Even When Biden Does It!

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From the statement of the Sanctions Kill site

The global COVID-19 pandemic and global economic crash challenge all humanity. Only scientific and technological cooperation and global solidarity can avert disaster. Instead Washington escalates sanctions and threatens war. U.S. economic sanctions block essential medicines and food killing tens of thousands of people. Sanctions on one-third of the world’s population impact the entire world. We must renew our efforts to END all U.S. imposed sanctions.”

The election of Biden promises to continue this murderous policy killing 100s of 1000s per year the planet over.  Applying sanctions that ultimately regardless of how they label it hinder the ability of delivery of health care, food and COVID-19 prevention – thus in this current stage of world pandemic crisis only increases the carnage and further allows COVID-19 to rip.

Judith Alison Lee, a legal advisor to companies on sanctions compliance states that she assumes  “that sanctions is going to be the primary foreign policy tool” of the Biden Administration.  During the campaign Biden staked out a hawkish position on several nations subjected to US sanctions especially including Venezuela and Iran.

Sanctions are warfare – in some ways more sinister  than open warfare of invasions, occupation and bombing – because the death toll is hidden since the carnage increases mortality through a complex set of conditions which sanctions exacerbate.  Death is death be it under bombs or death from sanctions.  For example per a report by  the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), sanctions on Venezuela have caused a death toll of 40,000 or more as of April 2019.

The people of this nation want to be part of solutions through collaboration and cooperation with other nations.  While Cuba sends doctors to any nation requesting help to aid the effort to fight COVID-19, the USA increases the COVID carnage by hindering these and other nations from having full access to build their economy to be able to purchase teh material support needed to take the pandemic fight on . . . and even preventing the very import of such materials needed to fight the COVID and other causes of unnecessary death.

Our transition will be toward a nation looking to cooperate – not undermine and control – the struggling people of all nations – in peace and friendship – not blocking access to food, medicines or preventing economic trade as a means to force these nations to adopt policies  favorable to multinational corporate capital.  Biden’s reliance on sanctions is NOT a transition from Trump – but a continuation of Trump and previous presidencies whose economic warfare has literally killed millions in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and many other places. 

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