Venezuelan People and Nation Need Solidarity as Biden Continues Sanctions and Pursuit of Coup

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Joe Biden has been a consistent protector of Imperialism in Latin America throughout his career. In a contemporary setting, the policies that standout the most are those toward Venezuela, along with the destabilization that he has promoted proudly throughout Central and South America. At a time when current President Trump is blaming his election loss on countries such as Venezuela, and more specifically the late President Hugo Chávez, we must keep in mind that Biden’s plans for the region are virtually indistinguishable from Trump’s, with exception to a few details in tactics. What we can expect, and must be prepared to fight against as we demand an end to US Imperialism, are policies that include the tightening of economic sanctions against Venezuela, in the 20th Century US tradition of “making the economy scream.” We must understand that Biden’s career has been shaped as a faithful servant of US colonialism – internally (i.e. the Prison Industrial Complex) and externally. It is this consistency that should be pointed out – the normality of US politics on the Global arena.

Elliot Abrams who managed Trump’s Venezuela policy is urging Biden to continue the full court press – and all likelihood is that Biden will see this as an an issue he can use to “calm the divide” which he says is so important to him.

As Vijay Prashad points out, what ought to happen – with international consensus – is the immediate ending of US sanctions against Venezuelan economic and political institutions, as they primarily affect the masses of Venezuelan people, and have international consequences on the wellbeing of their sovereign neighbors. Especially in a time of international medical crisis, the implementation of sanctions is nothing less than a crime against humanity. Furthermore, if we trace Biden’s “Plan Colombia” to the current migrant crisis, where people from countries in Latin America intentionally destabilized for US economic interests, are moving to the United States, where they run the risk of being placed in concentration camps, we must also demand an end to the US’ domination of Latin America as a whole. The condition that Biden seeks the masses of people in this hemisphere to be in is that of a state of imprisonment, genocide, and the worst kind of labor exploitation in the contemporary world. The people of Latin America are rising up against neocolonialism once again, and we must stand in solidarity with them.

Venezuela is just one example of the nations of Latin America that Biden is likely to continue to interfere with on behalf of US multinational corporate interests.  Our solidarity work with these nations and people – in nations beset by interference from US including Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico – and many others .

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